My Mother Need Help

My name is Josna Akter. My Mother  has been sick for quite some time. In 2019, my mother had a heart attack which resulted in her getting an immediate hospitalized.  The medication and Aplastic anemia Cancer she was administered were helping but unfortunately my mother  heart was weakening day by day. She  tried her best to take care of herself. Unfortunately,   My mother has been fighting this since 2019 it’s been a long fight.

Now she has been critically ill since March 2021. In January 2022, she suffered another minor heart attack. She was in the hospital for quite some time and the doctors notified us that she will be needing a anemia treatment since her blood is too low, now to continue to function. Her health has been deteriorating. Unfortunately, we’ve put my mom on the Anemia Cancer treatment list. My mother’s condition has worsened and we are in and out of the hospital due to her fluids contiuning to build up. My moher’s medical bills are adding up. As of this moment, she can not breathe on her own and will be needing continuous oxygen. She will be leaving behind  two daughters ,a son and it is very hard. As if the moment my brother are working at minimum wage  and he has his own family to take care of however we are trying our best to keep up living costs rent, food, hospital bills and etc.  Please help us fulfill her last moment.

We are grateful for any amount of donation given even for a dollar amount would be appreciated and counted. May Allah SWT accept this good deeds from you. Ameen

Josna Akter

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