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About Dar Al Madinah USA Aid

Dar Al Madinah USA Aid are a charity. The primary goal of these organization would be to serve the community and the people as a whole. We are going to provide food, clean water, clothing, knowledge, education, transportation and donations. We seek to restore the dignity and quality of life of conflict-affected individuals through the removal of barriers to success through innovative education, entrepreneurial development and community support. This organization dedicates to help people as well as work with other non-profit organizations. 

  1. Food: Provide urgently needed food to fight the real hunger. Our focus is on providing food on a daily basis. We will serve nutritious food and teach people to prepare food well, eat it with a basic knowledge of nutrition, and give them access to safe drinking water. safe sanitation facilities and healthy lifestyles.
  2. Education: We would be deeply committed to providing the poor and vulnerable with full access to inclusive and equitable quality education within our community and around the world. This is why it is also a Charity which flows without ending. From childhood education to primary and secondary school, to college and graduate degree and professional programs, our work would be to provide learning that lifts people out of poverty, empowers the person, gives voice to once-silent and divided culture, and expand equality and justice in our society. We will provide education for orphans, widows, displaced persons, refugees and the poor; men and women, young and old. We will be teaching English to enthusiastic learners, also supporting educational programs among poor children in Virginia, while equipping poor students with backpacks full of school supplies. We will teach English to eager learners, also supporting educational programs among Virginia’s impoverished children, while outfitting its poor students with backpack full of school supplies.
  3. Emergency relief: When a climate disaster, natural disaster or violent conflict strikes, we will convert the gifts of compassion into vital relief that we will provide directly, locally, globally, to the men and women afflicted, for children and families, and senior citizens. We will drive them toward safe, nutritious food and clean water. We will provide them with shelter, bedding and clothes adapted to weather conditions. We will provide them with most of the daily hygiene and household necessities, including generators, heating appliances, fuel and dry food. We will send and support specialized medical providers to treat the injuries and diseases of those affected, administer first aid and emergency care, and supply field hospitals and care facilities with equipment, in medications and life-saving food sources. Whether it's a tsunami, a hurricane, an earthquake, anything that can happen instantly, or a similar economic disaster, it can accumulate over time and consume the most vulnerable in society. Relief will be provided through the immediate distribution of food packaging, medication kits, hygiene kits and temporary shelters. True to our mission, we will go beyond emergency aid to ensure that reconstruction efforts are deployed in the affected region.
  4. Orphan care: Children who have lost a parent or both are considered orphans. The loss of one or both parents as a result of war, disease or natural disaster is a traumatic and long-lasting reality for millions of children around the world. Our goal is to provide care and support for children who have lost the love and support of their parents, which allows them to thrive and receive an education. Children are the most vulnerable members of society who require consistent and comprehensive care and supports for growth and prosperity. Our Orphan Sponsorship Program will bring hope, love and opportunity to orphaned children. Our goal is to provide food, education, sanitation and other emergency relief. While the world's orphan population is at least 153 million, our Orphan Sponsorship Program has become a top priority. An orphanage is a profitable way of supporting many orphans at the same time. By sponsoring the creation and/or maintenance of an orphanage managed by Dar al medina USA Aid, donors can ensure sustainable and complete care for each of the orphans. Dar al medina USA Aid, The help orphanages will provide shelter and nutritious food, clothes, educational opportunities, comprehensive health care and a caring atmosphere, just like at home. A widowed woman often needs financial assistance after her husband's death. Her loss often means the loss of a single breadwinner without any significant means by which she can support her family. Through our Orphans and Widows Fund, we are able to provide support and care to children who cannot be taken care of by their mothers alone. We are providing food, clothes, school supplies and more.
  5. Water: God made the whole life of water. For this reason, watering thirsty people gives an unequalled charity. The Prophet, upon him be peace, literally called him «Love that always flows», Sadaqah Jariyah, because it flows beyond the barrier of death into the afterlife, spreading itself in the scales of good with God. With these tips, we are going to dig and install wells and manual pumps for families who have lost their love, for people in villages and rural communities around the world who had little or no running water. We will not merely install these water sources. Our water specialist is.

(a)      Find the best place for your loved one’s well or hand pump

(b)      Supervise its construction

(c)      Will spring blessings of life for the people and their beloved.

(d)     Educate users about water and sanitation on important subjects, such as testing for arsenic contamination, a deep groundwater problem worldwide.

Guided by the aspiration of the people we will serve. We plan to pursue this mission with compassion, transparency, and generosity.